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Is a well established system of manual medicine, with a wide range of techniques, some very gentle. It may help you by carefully adjusting your body.
Osteopathy recognises that the body has recuperative and regenerative powers and that body structure and function are interrelated. Osteopaths work with this relationship between the structure and function of your body to provide the greatest possibility for your self-healing capacity to operate. The variety of techniques allows osteopaths to select an approach for treatment of people of all ages and a wide range of health situations.

Osteopathy may help you with:

Improving performance and managing body dysfunction and pain in all age groups Including:


    • Headaches


    • Jaw problems


    • Pain in the neck and back


    • Stiffness


    • Shoulder and arm pain and dysfunction


    • Sciatic pains



    • Postural problems related to work, school, growth spurts



    • Discomfort and strain with change of body shape

      Injuries at work or sport


    • Sprains, strains, RSI, tendonitis, bursitis.

      Recovery after motor vehicle accidents


    • Whiplash syndromes.



    • Problems of infancy including irritability, difficult feeding, middle ear problems. Childhood problems including recurring infections, leg aches.



    • Asthma


    • Recovery from respiratory infections

      Abdominal and pelvic organ dysfunction


    • Poor digestion

      What happens in an Osteopathic consultation:


    • History: Notes are made of, work history, sports, health problems, any trauma, past treatments (including medications) and responses.


    • Examination: Focus is on quality of mechanical function. Some examinations and orthopaedic tests may be performed where indicated in the history.


    • Medical imaging: Review of medical imaging and may refer for any indicated.


    • Explanation: Discussion about proposed management.


    • Treatment: Manual techniques are selected for the patient, if appropriate.


    • Exercise planning/postural advice: You may be advised to do (or stop doing!) certain exercises or advised about posture or manner of work.

      Do you need a referral?

      Referral from a General Practitioner is not necessary, except for: Medicare, Veterans Affairs and Queensland Work Cover patients

      Health Insurance:

      All private health insurers cover Osteopathy in their extras tables.

      Work Cover:

      Clients can receive Osteopathic care covered by Work Cover, on referral from their General Practitioner, while they are under a medical certificate.


      Some chronic (at least 6 months, including asthma, arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions) and complex (need for team care) conditions are supported by Medicare, in the Enhanced Patient Care/ TeamCare Plan scheme, on referral from a General Practitioner.

      Veterans Affairs:

      Clients are covered for Osteopathy on referral from their LMO. Clients need a current “D904” certificate.


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